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Alessia – Absolute Return Macro

Objectives and Investment Policy

The sub-fund seeks positive return with relative low volatility and limited correlation to market cycles affecting traditional equity and fixed income markets.

The sub-fund is actively managed and is not managed in reference to a benchmark.

The sub-fund invests in equity markets, fixed income, corporate bonds, foreign exchange and related financial derivative instruments. In order to achieve its objectives, the sub-fund bases its investment decisions on detailed analysis and research. The aim of the research is to look for unbalances in interest rates, equity values, foreign exchange rates and credit prices that could be adjusted in the future. 

Cash is mainly invested in a diversified basket of equities and/or a basket of bonds and money market instruments.

Derivative financial instruments are used both for hedging reasons and to enhance portfolio return creating long and/or short exposures to various asset classes (equity, fixed income, currency, credit) and markets. The sub-fund will mainly use exchange traded derivatives. In order to enhance portfolio performance short term trading activities will be added to the normal asset allocation process.


Available Share Classes - KIID

Before investing in a fund, you should carefully read the related Key Investor Information Document (the “KIID”) and the prospectus. The KIID, the prospectus, the audited annual report and the unaudited semi-annual report are available on this website.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

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