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Pure Capital S.A. (“Pure Capital S.A.”) is a société anonyme incorporated in accordance with Luxembourg Law. It has been constituted in Luxembourg on the 07th of April 2010. Its subscribed and released capital is EUR 400.000. Pure Capital S.A. is active in the collective management of Luxembourg and/or foreign UCITS agreed in accordance with European directive 2009/65/CE as modified, as well as other Luxembourg and/or foreign Investment Funds, and in accordance with directive 2011/61/UE on alternative investment fund managers. The activities of collective management of UCITS and Investment Funds include the asset management, the administration and the distribution. The address of Pure Capital S.A.'s registered office is 2, rue d'Arlon à L-8339 Windhof. Pure Capital S.A. is registered in the Registre de Commerce et des Sociétés de Luxembourg under number B-152461 and authorized by the CSSF as enacted in the Chapter 15 of the Law of 2010.


The information disseminated on the Site, whether general (e.g. market news) or specific (e.g. investment products), is provided on a purely indicative basis. It does not constitute in any manner whatsoever an investment recommendation and is intended for promotional purposes. It has no value as legal, accounting or fiscal advice and is only valid at the time when it is given. It is not intended as a substitute for the knowledge and competence of the user and should be used in conjunction with advice from a qualified professional. Past performance is in no way a guarantee of future performance. The information may be supplied by outside providers. Except in the case of willful misrepresentation or serious misconduct, Pure Capital S.A. cannot be held responsible to users of the information, or for direct or indirect consequences of its use.


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The user accepts responsibility for any access to the Site or any use made thereof. Pure Capital S.A. will not be liable for direct or indirect losses that may arise out of the use of the Site and in connection with the interruption, stoppage or malfunctioning of the Site especially as may arise out of stoppages for maintenance purposes or in order to update Pure Capital S.A.'s IT systems, technical breakdowns or network overloads, cuts in telephone communications, errors, negligence or fault on the part of Internet service suppliers or third parties or due to a virus spread on the Internet.


The governing law is the Luxembourg law.

The user is notified that only the District Courts of and in Luxembourg have exclusive jurisdiction concerning any disputes arising out of the use, interpretation and performance of information and data contained in this Site.


The only authentic version of the Site is the French language version. If there is a discrepancy with the versions in another language, the French version is the prevailing one.


Pure Capital S.A.'s Site enables you to contact Pure Capital S.A. by e-mail. The reception, the punctuality and the security of e-mails are not totally granted. In regard of this lack of security Pure Capital S.A. recommends not to send by e-mail any urgent or important data (e.g. confidential or private data). Pure Capital S.A. will not be liable for consequences of any request that has not been received, confirmed or treated. Pure Capital S.A. will not be liable in case of your e-mail would be intercepted by a third person.


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We will ask you to provide your e-mail address in an order form, so that we can send you the publications or newsletters offered on our website, or which you have ordered, These data will be stored and used exclusively for mailing purposes. They will not be passed on to third parties. By entering your data ( e-mail details) into the template, you will give us your consent to store the data and use them so that we can provide the information requested. The personal data which you supply to subscribe to the newsletter will be stored until you cancel your subscription.

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This Internet site is placed at your disposal "just as it is" without any guarantee (express or implicit), including the guarantee of non violation of the rights of others or that to be deprived of any data-processing virus. In the absence of encrypted data, Internet does not constitute a protected medium of communication. Pure Capital S.A. will not be responsible for the intrusion on the Site of unauthorized persons nor for the diffusion on the Site of corrupted data. If a provision relating to the general conditions of use would be considered to be non applicable, the relevance of the remaining provisions will not be questioned. The failing provision will be replaced in a way suitable and in conformity with the intention which could not be expressed in the preceding provision. Pure Capital S.A. reserves the right to modify the content of the Site or to make it inaccessible. Pure Capital S.A. is likely to modify constantly the general conditions of use, with immediate effect and without preliminary notice.

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