10 years! Aline Beckers, Marketing & Communication, 2020-04-07

Could we afford a hint of joy in these strange and difficult times? …

… As we remember 10 years :

  • of great and continuous efforts to tackle the tremendous growth challenges in the asset management world;
  • at building a flexible and dynamic team of more than 50 great people, deeply involved in providing our customers with true investment services;
  • of simple moments of happiness with colleagues, customers and partners.

Today Pure Capital celebrates its 10th anniversary! This story started with a simple but humble ambition: providing more transparency, performance through a truly independent investment firm.

We would have imagined a better context to celebrate this success, but crises are part of our lives, our history. 2008 inspired the foundation of Pure Capital. This one is a stress test, a stress test on the commitment of our team, holding on and keeping going to ensure the best service for all. Succeeded!

So let’s virtually e-celebrate, and say thank you to our customers, partners and colleagues for participating in this success, before celebrating the next 10 years in-person, hopefully any time soon!

Meanwhile, stay happy, safe and healthy!

Pure Capital

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