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Regulatory procedures

Pure Capital S.A. provides all the information about the procedures and policies followed free of charge:

This information can be downloaded above and can be obtained free of charge, upon simple request, by the e-mail address info@purecapital.eu, by fax at +352 26 39 86 57, by telephone at + 352 26 39 86 or by written request to Pure Capital S.A., 2 rue d'Arlon, L-8399 Windhof (Luxembourg).


On January 3, 2018, the MiFID II directive entered into force. Below you will find more information about this directive and other related documents.

Download the information document

Risks related to financial instruments (FR / NL)

FSMA report - RTS28


ESG Policy

Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions governing relations between Pure Capital S.A. and its clients (FR / NL / EN).

Investor rights

Summary of the main rights of shareholders of the SICAV(s) managed by Pure Capital S.A. (FR / EN)


Any complaints can be addressed to the addresses mentioned below. Contact person for handling complaints: Mr Thierry Léonard (e-mail: tleonard@purecapital.eu/ telephone: +352 26 39 86 52).

Voting Rights Policy

Pure Capital S.A. specifies that, as long as, the Voting Rights procedure provides that the exercise of these will necessarily be effective as soon as Pure Capital S.A., through the UCI it manages, holds more than 3 % of the capital or voting rights of the instrument concerned. Below this threshold, the participation of Pure Capital S.A. is not influential in terms of voting rights.

Pure Capital S.A. is very vigilant on three specific points, namely:

  • Issues of shares without preferential subscription rights for persons who are already shareholders
  • Capital increases in the event of a takeover bid
  • Issuance of stock warrants, or any other security giving access to capital for the exclusive benefit of a category of shareholders (for example employees) resulting in a dilution of the other shareholders.

In order to defend the minority shareholders, who are indirectly the shareholders of the UCI, Pure Capital S.A. reserves the right to vote against resolutions that would go against their interests.

Pure Capital S.A. favors postal voting but reserves the right to vote by effective participation in meetings.

The complete Voting Rights procedure is available on request, as explained above.

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