Stefan De Puydt, Branch Manager of Pure Capital Belgium, was recently interviewed about the expansion of Pure Capital’ s branch in Belgium.

Stefan holds a key role at Pure Capital and is a dedicated expert responsible for the development and support of clients, both private and institutional, in Belgium. By combining his deep knowledge of financial planning with his expertise in understanding the unique needs and goals of institutional investors, Stefan and his team are able to provide customized solutions that drive the clients' success and growth.

When did Pure Capital start expanding its operations in Belgium?

We began our expansion in 2019 with the opening of our Belgian office, which is located in Wilrijk.

How has Pure Capital’s growth been in Belgium since then?

We were able to engage very quickly three fantastic colleagues before the pandemic hit us in 2020. Since 2021 the growth of Pure Capital in Belgium has been steady and promising so that, as for now, we are expecting to have a team reaching 20 employees before the end of the year.

What is the significance of reaching 20 employees by the end of this year?

It shows the successful growth and development of Pure Capital’s operations in Belgium and indicates the company’s ability to attract talent and establish a strong presence in the local market. Our model is scalable and applicable in almost every country in Europe, so the ambition is to become a well-known European Asset Management company with a client centric approach.

How does Pure Capital plan to sustain its expansion in Belgium?

Pure Capital has implemented strategic plans to sustain its expansion in Belgium, which includes investing in local partnerships, fostering client relationships, and continuously improving its services.

What benefits does Pure Capital’s expansion in Belgium bring to the company?

The main driver is the entry of human capital which brings extra expertise, experience, new ideas and opinions on which we can capitalize. Expanding in Belgium, allows Pure Capital to tap into new markets and serve a broader range of clients. It also enhances the company’s global presence and strengthens its position in the financial industry. It is also natural that we make the experience and skill of our staff available to the financial services community by proposing advice and solutions for setting up and managing investment funds in Belgium as we do in Luxembourg. Therefore, we can offer clients that are seeking to develop their investment fund business reliable guidance and a gateway into the Belgium fund market.

What does the future look like for Pure Capital in Belgium?

We have the ambition to become a key player as an asset manager and we are convinced that we are well positioned to continue our growth trajectory and expand our market share.

However our most important goal as an independent asset manager is to listen very carefully to our clients needs.

Are there any further expansion plans for Pure Capital in Belgium?

There are a lot of opportunities and we are certainly willing to increase our employee and client base in the future. We have just started!

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