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History and values

The year 2008 has left its mark. Back then, banks and other financial institutions were playing the role of the frog in Jean de Lafontaine’s famous fable The Frog who wished to be as big as the Ox, in which the frog’s pride and vanity led to its downfall. There was quite a price to pay, in every sense of the word, for their wait-and-see attitude and unlimited greed.

Although new values of transparency, authenticity and financial security have since come to the forefront, both private and professional investors are still looking for good service and solid performance.

It was with this in mind that Pure Capital’s five partners and founders decided to form an independent investment firm that would put the interests of its clients and investment partners at the core of its investment process, which is underpinned by a solid investment platform, strategic long-term collaboration with our clients and counterparties, high ethical standards and disciplined risk management.

The basic principles of Pure Capital’s investment philosophy are: 


To ensure that they would have full control over an independent investment strategy that would serve the best interests of its clients and counterparties, Pure Capital’s founders created an investment platform that is free of sales, financial or management constraints.


Not only desirable, but absolutely essential, transparency means having a fees and expenses policy that is easy to understand with no surprises. When Pure Capital decided to eliminate opaque fees right from the start, it pioneered a break with business as usual in the wealth and asset management industry. This transparency has earned us a reputation for honest communication that our clients and investment partners greatly appreciate.


Although Pure Capital’s founders and employees could rest on their laurels, they are continuously on the move and looking out for new opportunities. One of our key strengths is the range of complementary skills and expertise we have developed by recruiting investment professionals from a variety of backgrounds. Pure Capital can thus offer a comprehensive range of advisory, wealth and asset management, fund structuring and administration services.


Pure Capital promotes a culture of entrepreneurship that naturally motivates all asset and wealth managers to give their very best in the search for investment excellence.  

It is this spirit, which owes much to the complementary skills of its staff, that has enabled Pure Capital to win the title of Wealth Management & Investment Firm of the Year at the Luxembourg Finance Management Awards in 2014 and 2015. These awards are not only encouraging, they are proof that a client-focused business model based on trust has succeeded in overcoming the uncertainty and opacity that are so widespread in our industry.

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