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Pure Capital provides high-quality solutions for the creation of undertakings for collective investment (UCI) and alternative investment firms (AIF) and the provision, delegation and supervision of all related services, including: 

  • Risk management — Pure Capital determines and implements the risk management process, identifying all potential risks to ensure that the fund is aligned with the investor’s risk profile, and systematically acts in the client’s best interest.
  • Compliance management — Working with risk management staff, Pure Capital continuously verifies compliance with investment fund laws, regulations and procedures, in respect of risks, valuation, complaint handling, delegation of services to third parties and other requirements.
  • Project management — Pure Capital may, at the client’s request, provide an experienced project manager who will select and coordinate the work of all of the parties involved in setting up the client’s fund. Other types of projects may be agreed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Supervision of delegated services — Pure Capital can supervise any services that are delegated or subcontracted. These services are generally monitored periodically and reports are issued or appropriate diligence is conducted as required. The main types of service providers supervised are: central administrators, transfer agents, registrars, domiciliary agents and distributors.
  • Domiciliation and general services — The fund may have its registered office in Pure Capital’s premises, where an office and other facilities will be provided. Pure Capital will manage all of the fund’s correspondence and process its invoice payments. The Corporate department will handle all of the fund’s administrative formalities, organize board of directors meetings, take minutes, etc.
  • Board of directors — Pure Capital may provide the fund’s board with directors selected from among its experienced staff, with the specific background, skills and knowledge required.
  • Regulatory watch — After the crisis of 2008, the world of finance was hit with a tidal wave of new regulations that had a considerable impact on the asset management sector and on investment funds in particular. Luxembourg always strives to be the first to implement new EU regulations, which requires a substantial effort to stay abreast of the latest developments. As a management company, it is Pure Capital’s responsibility to keep track of these changes and ensure that funds continue to comply with their regulatory obligations.
  • Marketing and distribution — Pure Capital can prepare an appropriate strategy for fund marketing and distribution. Depending on the strategy selected, we may register and maintain your fund in some 80 countries.
  • Investment and Portfolio Management — We can provide an experienced and first-rate asset manager for all types of asset classes, including listed equities, debt instruments, private equity and real estate. This person may work in collaboration with the fund sponsor or in accordance with the sponsor’s recommendations. This service may also be delegated by the fund or its management company to an appropriately licensed third party.

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