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Execution only

Pure Capital’s careful selection of counterparties and close ties with market participants enable it to ensure better order execution for its clients, at the best possible price.

Our Execution Only service gives our clients direct access to financial markets. As Pure Capital clients their orders will be executed in accordance with the highest professional standards and they will benefit from the special low fees we have negotiated with the depositary banks, which will optimize the cost of their transactions.

In addition to ensuring lower execution prices, Pure Capital’s privileged relationships with its depositary banks enable considerable flexibility.

Our staff’s expertise with a broad range of financial instruments enables them to handle all transactions in equities, bonds, foreign currencies, futures, options and other derivatives.

Please note that Execution Only service does not include investment advice from Pure Capital. It will be your responsibility to determine whether you have enough knowledge and experience to understand the risks associated with you investments and determine whether or not the transactions you are considering are appropriate for your risk profile.

Pure Capital’s best execution policy is available here

For more information you may either email us at info@purecapital.eu or call us at +352 26 39 86 80. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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