Pure Capital - Independent asset management

Investment philosophy

Flexible, conviction-based asset management that aims for absolute returns!


At Pure Capital, asset managers do not hide behind a benchmark. Their investment decisions are motivated by the search for long-term growth, while minimising the risk of capital loss.

Asset management team members know each other well and work in constant contact and collaboration.
The flexibility and efficiency of our decision-making process is ensured by our team’s organisational structure and regular tactical adjustments to asset allocations.


The investment decisions of our asset managers are based on fundamentals. This approach requires a comprehensive research process that includes, for example, visits to companies, meetings with fund managers and brokers, and the development of in-house valuation models.

Observing “fundamentals rather than emotions” means focusing on the basic characteristics of companies, rather than giving into the euphoria or panic that is often found in financial markets.


Capital preservation is at the core of our investment philosophy, the basic principles of which are flexibility, a multi-asset approach, a high degree of diversification, a sound investment process and judicious use of procedures for identifying investment opportunities. The cornerstone of this flexible approach is our determination to preserve our clients’ wealth from sharp drops in financial markets. Our main objective is to generate positive returns, year after year. 


Pure Capital’s entrepreneurial approach is reflected in its investment policy and horizon. Pure Capital does not seek to profit from the latest investment trends, which are often “short-termist”, but aims for long-term growth. We don’t engage in short-term speculation, we invest.   

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