Pure Capital - Independent asset management

Personalised advisory management

Pure Capital can provide you with investment ideas, analyses, research and solutions in a personalised and proactive relationship, while leaving the final decision to you.

As a Pure Capital client, you will have access to the experience, expertise and ideas of our asset managers, who will strive to meet your investment needs as effectively as possible by proactively and continual monitoring the investments in your portfolio and getting in touch with you whenever necessary.

Our broad range of advisory services includes, for example, selecting the best investment funds for you, assistance with portfolio construction, and careful assessment of equities, bonds, fixed-income products, derivatives and other investment products.

Advice is provided proactively and all decisions are taken by the client and implemented by Pure Capital as transparently and efficiently as possible at preferential execution rates. 

For more information you may either email us at info@purecapital.eu or call us at +352 26 39 86 80. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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What is your country of residence ?