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Personalised discretionary management

With a discretionary investment mandate, we manage your assets while keeping you informed of our investment decisions.

Our asset managers prepare a personalised and detailed investment and risk profile of each of their clients. This profile addresses all of their investment criteria, including their target return, risk appetite, capacity to assume risk, investment horizon, financial needs and obligations, and personal preferences in such areas as corporate ethics, the environment and social responsibility.

Once this framework is in place, Pure Capital will implement a dedicated investment strategy that it will manage year after year, in accordance with the client’s needs and interests.

We closely monitor the professional and private situations of our clients and anything that may substantially affect the management of their assets. In short, Pure Capital’s discretionary investment mandate ensures that the client’s assets are managed and monitored in a personalised and flexible manner. 

To address each basic client profile there are four types of investment mandates ─ Income, Wealth, Growth and Personalised.

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This mandate is for clients who are mainly looking for income from bonds or money-market products. Its main objective is to minimise risk. The investment horizon is short (1 to 3 years). Capital preservation is essential. An average annual return of 2% to 5% above EURIBOR is targeted, with low volatility of 3% to 4%.

The income mandate seeks to provide stable and regular income using mainly money-market and other cash investments, government bonds, corporate bonds and, to a lesser extent high-dividend equities (to a maximum of 25%). Pure Capital may use low-volatility “de-correlated” strategies to increase returns under certain circumstances.


This mandate is for clients who are looking for reasonably high returns with limited risk. Although capital may vary, the aim is capital preservation over a longer medium-term horizon of 3 to 5 years. The client must have a moderate appetite for risk. Depending on the risk-free interest rate, an average annual return of about 6% is targeted, with moderate volatility of 4% to 6%. 

For a Wealth mandate the Allocation Committee will adjust the allocation of the client’s assets to specific markets and asset classes to ensure diversified and sustainable sources of yield. Exposure to equities will vary between 0% and 50%. The portfolio may be invested in bonds and in “decorrelated” strategies. A multi-asset class approach and flexibility are the two cornerstones of the Wealth investment mandate.


This profile is for clients who wish to maximise their returns, while avoiding a substantial loss of their invested capital. The investment horizon is at least five years. The client’s appetite for risk must be greater than for a Wealth mandate without being excessive, and he or she must be willing to accept larger variations in the value of their assets. An average annual return of about 10% is targeted, with approximately 15% volatility.

The portfolio construction process and the investment philosophy are the same as for a Wealth mandate, but with more freedom to take risks and seize opportunities. Exposure to equities may vary from 0% to 100%. The portfolio may be supplemented with bonds, money-market and other cash investments and “decorrelated” strategies. The three pillars of the Growth Mandate strategy are a multi-asset class approach to portfolio construction, flexibility and agility.


This mandate entrusts Pure Capital with some very specific requirements. For example, clients may want to limit their portfolio to ethical and responsible investments, or to a specific geographic region, economic sector or industry. The spectrum of investment criteria can be quite broad and diverse, and will determine the client’s investment horizon and risk appetite.

The portfolio construction process and investment philosophy aim for the same objectives of capital preservation, diversification, flexibility and agility.

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